Medical Grade PPE

The HANDiGROUP.com was founded by Mike Cohen of Bellagio Global when he saw the world falling apart and way before lockdown began.

“I was warning friends, clients, from the end of December about a virus in China and it could potentially affect their orders, “People thought I was making excuses” and no one would listen about a virus which was (to them) thousands of miles away.

Bellagio Global specialised in watches and luxury gifts, within sports, air travel and global tours and festivals, yet Mike has worked across China for 25 years creating a wide range of various bespoke products for clients.  “Our main speciality is coming up with varied solutions for our client’s needs, it involves forward thinking and solving a problem before it becomes one, that’s what I do” says Mike Cohen.

March 2020, UK lockdown begins and working from home for 15 years, CV-19 had already affected our business from January 2020, so being on lockdown watching and listening to everyone running scared, Mike decides in his own way to take it on to try and ‘save the world’ by creating products which make YOU the consumer and YOU the staff member feel safe, whether walking the streets or your place of work, the idea was to create products you can carry with you at all times to keep YOU safe and at the same time work out how to make it safe for people to travel by air, train, buses; how would people feel safe going into a football stadium or concert arena being surrounded by thousands of others, how would I feel safe? What if we could sanitise all these areas of mass gatherings, before, after, during… and offer that peace of mind to consumers?  Our aim to produce quality civilian PPE and create global safety guidelines to help combat COVID-19.

I spoke to a few airports and contacts I knew as far back as end April 20; “everyone should be wearing face coverings in public, they need to sanitise their hands and keep a decent friendly distance”.  Many laughed and said at the time public and staff PPE was not their problem, I knew then that people still DID NOT understand the dangers of COVID-19 and how quick this is going to spread. l did not want to be right, yet as I needed to help, I set off to do what I do.

In February 2020, we came up with an idea….

…. And HANDiBAC was born march 11th 2020 and we have not stopped since trying to come up with the following solutions….