HANDiGROUP.com was born just as the full consequences of the growing global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus were starting to be accepted.

The founder, Mike Cohen, had been warning friends and clients as early as December 2019 about the virus in China and its potential to affect the lives of everyone on the planet. Few were ready to listen or appreciate what he was so passionate about telling them.

Witnessing the inept response to the threat from governments, HANDiGROUP was established to provide workable solutions to the challenging circumstances confronting individuals and businesses. Not in months or years, but NOW when the need for positive action is vital.

Drawing on 25 years of experience in developing and sourcing innovative products to high standards and tight deadlines, HANDiGROUP was able to cut through when others were paralysed by indecision and ineptitude.

The mission was simple – to create the products which make YOU the consumer and YOU the staff member feel safe, whether walking the streets or at your place of work. The core idea was to create products you can carry with you at all times to keep YOU protected and at the same time work out how to make it possible for people to travel by air, train, buses in safety. How would people ever feel good again going into a football stadium or concert arena and being surrounded by thousands of others? What if we could sanitise all these areas of mass gatherings, before, after, during… and offer that peace of mind to all?

Now HANDiGROUP can offer a full range of tried-and-tested products that offers protection and reassurance to both consumers and businesses. Also, through the HANDiGROUP Mission, large quantities of badly needed PPE are being donated to those in most need around the world.

We are all in this together, and we’re here to make things better.

Mike Cohen