Fighting the virus is a 24/7 business, but your hand sanitiser doesn’t need to be boring. A luxe twist on a ‘new normal’ basic, HANDiBAC is the super stylish 3-in-1 hand, surface and screen, refillable pocket sanitising spray. It’s the ‘must have’ item to keep in your bag or pocket at all times.

Bringing peace of mind for you. HANDiBAC’s virus-busting pocket sprays contain 70% alcohol plus glycerine for hydration, promising at least 200 uses per 15ml refillable liquid cartridge.

HANDiBAC is available in three mood-enhancing scents with added Aloe Vera and vitamin E to make it gentle on even the most sensitive skin:

  • Very Vanilla in red, black, blue and pink
  • Opulent Pomegranate in the metallic gold Limited Edition
  • Wild Mint – in the metallic silver Limited Edition

These compact 70% alcohol sprays kill 99.9% of germs on hands and surfaces with a simple spritz and swipe but they will not damage fragile smartphones, tablets, computer screens or games consoles. No need to throw away the dispenser once empty, because the 15ml liquid cartridges are replaceable or refillable and manufactured from recycled plastic.

HANDiBAC can be taken anywhere you go, and the 15ml liquid refill cartridge allows you to carry it onto flights too. No matter where you are, you can now make your own personal environment safer.

The HANDiBAC 3-in-1 pocket sanitising spray comes in six colours: limited edition glamourous gold and stylish silver as well as pretty pink, racy red, blue or black, each with a unique scent to make sanitising more enjoyable.

Sold as a ‘kit’, prices start at £10, which include the hand and surface spray device with a microfibre covered case and either three or five 15ml refill cartridges, all kits come presented in a microfibre carry pouch. A HANDiBAC Solo is also available for £7 and includes the hand and surface spray with one 15ml refill cartridge.

Refills can be bought separately, either single or in packs of three or seven or there is a HANDiBAC 50ml bottle so you can refill your 15ml cartridges yourself.

It is also possible to have your own branding for your staff, customers or that very special person in your life; e: for further information.

For each set you buy, we donate one device and a 15ml refill cartridge to NHS staff and health workers globally as part of HANDiBAC’S ‘ONE-FOR-ONE MISSION’

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