Getting steamed up wearing a mask?

The answer is at hand! Yes, no more steamed up glasses with the new HANDiCLOTH. One quick wipe and the fog is GONE. Wear glasses with your mask? Fed up with them steaming up the minute you go out, get in the car or travel by train? Now there’s a quick and easy answer – introducing the amazing HANDiCLOTH. Simply polish your glasses with HANDiCLOTH and the fog is there no longer. Use it regularly and you’ll keep your vision clear, even when wearing a mask. Also works brilliantly to clear visors, goggles and lenses. Store your HANDiCLOTH in its convenient pouch and take it with you everywhere HANDiCLOTH costs just £5.00

See HANDiCLOTH – Handibac for further details.