The Antigen Test Kit can tell you if you are carrying COVID-19. It  checks a sample from your respiratory system, such as a swab from the inside of your nose, to alert you if you currently have an  infection from the virus COVID-19.

The video below explains how an easy nasal swab can produce a test result within 15 minutes to confirm whether you are actually infected with the COVID-19 virus or not. It is that simple. The HandiGroup has access to 8 million Antigen Test Kits per month or 2 Million test kits per week.

The Antibody Blood Test Kit, which can easily be used at home, gives a result within 15 minutes and indicates if you are likely to have had COVID-19, providing it is conducted correctly. Again, the HandiGroup can deliver up to 5 million Antibody Blood Test Kits per month.

All test kits are fully CE certified, details available on request
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