PORTiBAC is the answer to the quick and effective sanitisation of the places you live and work. In a domestic setting it brings reassurance to you and your guests. In commercial contexts it gives confidence that the places people gather have been made safe.

The 4 different PORTiBAC systems all use our unique sanitising solution made in the UK which comes in three attractive scents – cinnamon, citrus and vanilla. Who would have thought that making places safe could smell so good?

PORTiBAC Personal for Home and Away

At last, a system that enables you to sanitise the rooms in your home and everywhere you visit. This 30ml battery operated pocket atomiser spray is always at the ready – in the house, in the car, around your workstation. Easily refillable and comes with a 100ml top up bottle of the solution.


This cordless gun sprayer has a simple mission – to sanitise the classroom, taxi, pub/restaurant, and all small to medium size spaces including buses and train carriages.  With its easy carry pouch, the PORTiBAC 800ML SPRAY GUN goes anywhere with you. Available in 3 finishes – metallic matt gold,  brushed silver and brilliant white.


A larger area to sanitise but no power points? The 2000C is a cordless 2L fogging system that enables you to move around easily and recharge when finished. Uses the same gloriously scented solution to leave the whole area smelling sweet and safe. Available in Matt Black (currently sold out)

PORTiBAC 1500 10L BackPack

From a wedding venue to a concert arena, football stadium to school, airport to train station, the PORTiBAC 1500 is up for the job. With a 10L capacity and 8 metre length cord, this sprayer with backpack makes short work of a big area. When turnaround times are tight, equip your team with the PORTiBAC 1500 and a daunting challenge is quickly and effectively solved. Alternatively call in our PORTiBAC SANITISING SQUAD and they will arrive ready prepared to sanitise areas others cannot reach.

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At the heart of the PORTiBAC System…

We are extremely proud that the PORTiBAC solution is manufactured in the UK and is an eco-friendly sanitising agent. With 2 natural active ingredients, these dual action properties ensure it is effective against all enveloped viruses as defined in EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019 Annex A*. This includes all coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2 (99.99%)

The solution contains no alcohol, chlorides or ammonium salts, ensuring it is safe to use in all environments. In addition to being viricidal, it is also bactericidal, effective against common harmful pathogenic bacteria such as e.Coli to 99.999%.

The PORTiBAC solution is an essential and effective tool in protecting and preventing the spread of pathogenic microbes, ensuring the maintenance of human health.

The PORTiBAC signature scent is vanilla, yet we can also offer cinnamon and citrus too. Areas sanitised with the PORTiBAC solution are friendly to all who encounter these signature aromas.